Afanasy Holding

Afanasy Holding is a production and trading company. Our business is the production of beer, dairy, meat and fish products, and the wholesale and retail sale of our own produce.

We use WorkFlowSoft to carry out and control business operations within the holding structure. The main advantage of WorkFlowSoft is the ability to control task execution across the company’s multiple departments and divisions, and the way that managers can personally monitor tasks at any level.

The system is used most actively by top and middle managers. Now managers can easily keep track of tasks. Reports in the form of tables and graphs allow them to monitor tasks at all stages of execution.

It saves us a significant amount of time, because there’s far less need for “old-fashioned” forms of communication (phone calls, emails) to clarify the status of any given task.

Irina Sukhobokova, Head of Planning

OOO Ufimskaya Shinnaya Kompaniya (Ufa Tire Company LLC)

We initially used Asana for tasks, assignments, and simple projects, but stopped after six months because not everyone found it convenient. On the Russian market, we have found only one product able to compete with the global leader Asana in terms of simplicity of operation and genuinely user-friendly interface. That product is WorkFlowSoft. The tool combines the required task management functionality with a simple operating logic and superfast creation of application templates. That’s why we switched to WorkFlowSoft and have never looked back.

I’d recommend WorkFlowSoft primarily to small company directors and department heads at large organizations.

Quick system startup and plug-and-play simplicity are what we got by adopting WorkFlowSoft

Ruslan Khayretdinov, Commercial Director

Ygolnye Technologii (Coal Technologies) Trade House

We tried products from other companies, but they didn’t provide the ready-made solutions we needed to organize our business processes.

One of the main advantages of WorkFlowSoft is its user-friendliness—it doesn’t require any special training or help from IT experts.

The program lets you independently configure the company's reporting structure, initiate tasks, act as a follower or assignee, and perform monitoring.

The program also enables internal correspondence inside tasks and task breakdown into subtasks. It’s interesting (and useful for managers!) to create routes for project tasks and templates for standard tasks.

The program's user-friendly interface lets you work with tasks and instructions on any electronic media.

It offers an extremely useful email notification service about task status updates, as well as daily reminders about the status of all events for today and the days ahead.

You get a full picture of the situation when transferring employee business records (in the case of vacation, sick leave, etc.).

The program is well worth using, as is the main shell. It replaces all your ICQs, Vibers, WhatsApps, and other intrusive messaging services.

We give it an A-plus in comparison with rival products.

I sincerely recommend it! Just don’t be surprised if the newly structured approach makes yesterday’s level of task execution seem ridiculously inefficient.

WorkFlowSoft will create new goals and the means to achieve them. Tried and tested!

Alexei Bergunker, Director


WorkFlowSoft lets us coordinate the work of service engineers. We assign tasks to them and monitor the operation of the entire office. We also carry out projects involving the collection of documents for discussion, rapid lookup and control purposes so that these projects are executed on time.

Roman Dorozhkin, Director

Valuement Russia

In modern business, it’s very difficult to set up effective processes and control their execution without resorting to task management services. We use WorkFlowSoft to manage the IT department.

Before making our final choice, we tried many different solutions, including the biggest names in the market, but none was as easy and enjoyable to work with as WorkFlowSoft! It’s got everything you need and nothing you don't!

Thanks for the superb product!

Mikhail Gratskov, IT Director,

Effective Financial Solutions Lab LLC

The nature of our business is such that many employees work remotely across the country.

WorkFlowSoft gives us control over employee activity, and lets us deliver new tasks and instructions to them in real time.

The highly intuitive interface is great. All our employees easily got to grips with it.

Everything you need is there, but at the same time it’s not overloaded with masses of extra functions.

I’d recommend WorkFlowSoft to colleagues and partners any day.

Victoria Zemlyanskaya, Executive Director, Strategy.


We wanted to systematize the creation of advertising materials, while supervising the activity of teleworking employees. After trying several solutions, we eventually settled on WorkFlowSoft. Its usability won us over. It took employees less than one hour to get the hang of the solution and start using it.

Sergey Kharchenko, 2GIS

Reklameik LLC

Our company uses WorkFlowSoft to manage production tasks. Because our production facilities are a long way from our office, we had minor issues with tracking readiness and setting tasks for company employees.

WorkFlowSoft has become an integral part of our company’s operation. Now employees come to work with a clear understanding of what they’ve done and what needs doing. Meanwhile, the office can clearly see if a product or service is ready without having to spend time contacting the production units. As a result, the process has become more automated and transparent, and everyone knows when products are ready.

We greatly appreciate WorkFlowSoft.

Dmitry Sychev, General Director

Connect Internet Development Studio

We use WorkFlowSoft for communication between sales and production. Everyone mastered it really quickly. As a manager, I can easily control all tasks assigned to developers.

The key plus point for me is the simple interface, that’s why we opted for WorkFlowSoft.

Pavel Cherkasov, Director

Dogstatus LLC

We needed a solution for our pet products e-store. We chose WorkFlowSoft because it’s quick and easy to coordinate actions between staff, make plans, and arrange business trips.

Tatiana Abramova, General Director