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Administrator permissions

WorkFlowSoft administrators do not have specific task permissions. In other words, if an administrator is not a participant in a task, he/she cannot view this task. If a user who is an administrator is added to a task as a participant, he/she will have the same permissions that are usually granted to this participant. This is done specifically so as to keep the information confidential.

Administrators can perform the following actions:

  • convert their personal tags to public ones
  • delete any public tags, including ones created by other employees
  • view all workflows and task templates, including ones created by other employees, regardless of visibility settings
  • change the visibility in workflows (Visible to everyone, Visible to my business unit, Visible to me) and delete any workflows and task templates, including ones created by other employees
  • control the use of licenses and change information in the organization profile
  • reassign tasks of an employee being deleted from WorkFlowSoft to another employee (for example, in the case of dismissal)
  • create, modify, and delete employee accounts, and create and change the Org chart
  • in the „server“ version, import employees and the Org chart to the server from Active Directory, and configure connection settings for email servers