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How to create a task template

Task templates are particularly useful when a task with the same content needs to be created multiple times. In this case, there is no need to fill out all the fields again. The next such task can be created straight from the template, which is found in the Task templates list.

There are two ways to create a task template:

  1. On the basis of an existing task—in the task menu (the “three dots” in the task card at the top-right), select Save as task template.
  2. To create a template for a new task, go to the My task templates list and click Create task template. Enter the name of the task. Next, it is possible to add a description, add tags (attributes for sorting), files, and additional fields, specify the due date (if required), change the Assignee, and add Followers and an Inspector.

To change the Creator of a template, click on the name in the Creator field and select another employee. If the selected employee does not accept the template, he/she can return the Creator status by single-clicking on the message at the top.