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Configuring recurring tasks

You can create a recurring template from which tasks will be created automatically according to schedule. There are two ways to create a recurring template:

  1. On the basis of an existing task: in the task card, click on the Due date field and select Create new recurring template, then select the required frequency. For scheduled tasks, it is possible to set the following iteration options:
    • every few days
    • certain weekday
    • certain day of the month
    • certain weeks of the month
    • certain day of the year
  2. To create a new recurring template, go to the My task templates list and click Create task template. Enter the task name, click on the Due date field, select Make this template recurring, and then select the required frequency. After that, the remaining information can be filled out: enter a description, add tags (attributes for sorting), files, and additional fields, change the Assignee, and add Followers and an Inspector.

Subtasks can also be added to any recurring task, whereupon the entire task will be repeated with subtasks, and the subtask dates will be calculated automatically.