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Transferring a task inside the task hierarchy

Any task can be moved inside another task as a subtask. Conversely, subtasks can be moved to the upper level.

To transfer a task, it must first be selected. To select a task, use either of the following two methods:

  1. In the card of the task itself. In the task menu (the “three dots” in the task card at the top-right), select Select this task.
  2. In task lists. Enable selection mode in the list menu (the “three dots” in the task list at the top-right), and click Show selection boxes. Click on the blue circle to the left of the task (multiple tasks can be selected).

To convert the subtask into a standalone task, go to the task list and click the “+” button at the bottom of the list. The task appears in the list as an independent task.

To convert a task into a subtask of another task, open the main task in which you want to add the selected task as a subtask. After that, click the “+” button in the subtasks list. Note that you must have the relevant permissions to add subtasks.