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Creating a task from an email message, replying to a task from a mailbox

WorkFlowSoft lets you create a task from an email message without opening the program or creating a task manually.

In the message, specify the address of the employee to whom you want to assign the task (the Assignee) in the To field as well as the special email address (you can also use any address with one Latin letter, for example and so on). You can CC other employees—they will be Followers of the task. After the message is sent, the task is automatically created with the name specified in the subject field. The text of the email is saved in the task description. Moreover, any files attached to the message are added to the task.

Note: Remember that the email address from which you send the message should be specified in your WorkFlowSoft profile. Likewise, email addresses of other employees should be specified in their WorkFlowSoft profiles.

To reply to a task from the mailbox, click Reply to an email notification for any task, write the text, attach files as required, and send the message. The text of the message is automatically added to the task as a new comment. Files are also added to the task.

Note: The whole reply is written in the comments, including the signature, so any redundant information can be deleted before sending to reduce the size of the comment in the task.