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How to find a task in a list, filters in the task list

There are several ways to find a task in a task list:

Search by text—it is possible to search for a task in lists using individual words or a set of letters. A task search can also be performed with a number by entering the number in the search field. Moreover, you can perform a search using several numbers (separated by commas) or a “from-to” number range (enter the first number, followed by a dash, then the last number).

By default, the search is performed on the task name and description. You can additionally include task comments in the search. To do so, click on the Search in comments icon.

Filter by task due date (click on the header of the Due date column)

  • by today—everything done in the past up to the present day
  • by day (yesterday, today, tomorrow, etc.)
  • by week (last week, this week, next week, etc.)
  • by month (last month, this month, next month, etc.)
  • from date to date
  • no date

Task filters by business unit (click on the header of the Who column)—to view the tasks of employees of one business unit, specify this business unit in the filter. Here you can select whether to show tasks only for this business unit or tasks of this and all nested business units:

  • tasks of one business unit—allows the manager of the business unit to view and manage the tasks of his/her immediate subordinates
  • tasks of all nested business units—allows organization directors to view the entire scope of tasks within the organization and use reports to quickly check how well each business unit is coping with its tasks.

Filters by additional fields (click on the header of the column with this additional field)—it is possible to filter tasks by all additional fields added during the task creation process. The fields can be of the following types: Text, Number, Date and time, Yes or No, Employee, List, Selection.