Easy to create

Intuitive graphic editor visualizes the process while you work on it.

So even complex processes are easy to build.

Create individual tasks for each process.

Define responsible individuals and deadlines for each step.

Add conditions and connect the tasks.

Your process is ready to go!

Flexible & Automated

Unlimited choice of task options: approved, cancelled, provide more details and more.

Each response triggers the next task in the flow.

Build workflows of any complexity to meet your business needs.

And can be easily modified to adjust to changing business needs.


Boost productivity

Get all request details at once using forms.

Focus on request execution, not on back and forth clarification.

Make routine work easy and error free.

View all requests in one place and define priority.

Easy to create

Anyone can create a form template.

Forms are easily customizable.

Requests are sent via forms, not emails or in person.


For business leaders

Create and assign a task to an individual.

Customize task fields.

Attach documents.

View task history.

Work with teams in different time zones.

Find information quickly with filters and reports.

Control a team’s workload with the Calendar. Identify bottlenecks early.

For team members or individuals

Get instant notification of a new task.

Access your To Do List from desktop, tablet or phone.

See assigned tasks in a calendar or in a list view.

Delegate a task.

Receive deadline reminders.


Evaluate performance at a glance.

From an individual employee or division to the whole company.

Choose between table, pie chart or bar chart view.

more about reports

Additional fields

Additional fields

Add any additional fields you like to your processes or tasks:

Text, Number, Date and time, Yes or No, Employee, Selection, List.

more about Additional field

Org chart

Create an org structure to view team tasks.

Easily modify the structure as business evolves.

Add additional employee information as needed.

more about Org chart



Get a quick overview of task distribution by day, week, or month.

Create tasks directly in the Calendar.

View and manage the workload easily.

more about Calendar


Add tags to a process or task for easy prioritization and further search.

Use preset or create your own tags.

Tags can be personal or available to others in the organization.

more about Tags


Create your own lists of suppliers, clients, partners etc.

Add the list to a process or task.

Task assignee selects an entry from the list, does not fill out plain text.

more about Lists


Notifications are useful not to miss a new task assigned to you.

Available in the product interface, email or browser.

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Mobile apps

Mobile apps are available for smartphones and tablets with Android and iOS.

Also works in any mobile browser without installing the apps.

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