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Recruitment Made Simple


When a company grows, its staff grows too. Managers search out new employees for new positions, and any HR department can tell you that the search for new talent should be automated.

Recruitment request

In WorkFlowSoft, you can make their dream come true in just half an hour. Let’s take a look at how it’s done. The good news is that WorkFlowSoft is a simple program everybody can work effectively in, HR managers, coordinators, assistants and executives alike.


At the start we add a new process and name it Recruitment request. The process description should contain a brief guideline for its users. For example, it might look like this: “Complete the fields to describe what kind of employee you need.”

The next step is to think over the fields the request starters will complete. They are meant to provide a clear and detailed description of requirements to job seekers. The main fields are business unit, position, salary, job duties, education, experience and skills. What else? You can also opt for fields like work schedule, length of probationary period, business skills, or special workplace requirements.


A recruitment request can have a simple workflow (starter—starter’s manager—HR manager), or a complex workflow, for example, including an administrative department employee or HR assistant.

Now for the second option.

Let’s say a division head creates a recruitment request. When all request fields are filled, it is automatically sent for approval by their manager (department director), who can decline or approve the request. When the decision is positive, a task is sent to Alex, the head of HR, who assigns an HR manager. Then the Find a candidate for the vacancy task is created for this manager.

He starts searching for candidates and adds any who seem to meet the request requirements to the task. Then he completes the task, and the process automatically assigns the next task—interview with a candidate—to the request starter (division head). At this stage, the division head can continuously return the candidate search task to the HR manager by clicking the Candidate is not suitable button, but when the interview is finally passed by a suitable candidate, the division head clicks the Candidate is suitable button, and the next two tasks are executed in parallel.

Recruitment request

Firstly, office manager Peter receives the task to prepare the workplace. Secondly, the request to prepare new hire documents is sent to John, the HR controller. When both tasks are complete, the request starter receives the task to meet the new employee!

In the end, request initiator evaluates the process fulfillment quality and terms in the Meet and induct new employee that is created for him.

With WorkFlowSoft, task execution monitoring is easy and nothing gets lost in the process. Correspondence volumes with colleagues are reduced, and you will immediately notice how much working time you save: just start the process and get results!