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We combine all workflows and tasks in one easy-to-use tool: WorkFlowSoft

Your colleagues send you requests in different ways – by email, phone, or in person – and often provide you with incomplete information.

Simply create a request template yourself - it only takes a couple of minutes! Ask your colleagues to use this template. Now you will always have the information you need!


Every employee – whether an accountant, salesperson, or marketer – can easily create request templates, because WorkFlowSoft is an easy-to-use and handy tool that doesn't require a steep learning curve.

You can start using WorkFlowSoft gradually, and use the advanced features only if you need them - from ordinary tasks to requests, and then to workflows with conditional links between tasks.

You will probably solve all your current requirements without even using the advanced features, but as your business grows, you can use workflows to achieve bigger goals.

1 TASKS and subtasks

Just type a task name, and the task is created! You do not have to click any additional buttons, such as OK, Save, and so on.

Create subtasks in the same fast and easy way. Subtasks are useful when you want to divide the task and assign each part to a different colleague.


2 REQUESTS and tasks with custom fields

Add fields to a task and click only one button: "Save as request" - the request template is created!

Now your colleagues fill in your request template – and they can’t miss the "What items should be purchased?" field you marked as mandatory, so you always have all the information you need!


3 WORKFLOWS and tasks with many outcomes

Relationships between tasks are natural in business: it’s called "workflow". Click only one button: "Convert subtasks to workflow" - the workflow is created!

Usually a task has many possible outcomes. Add buttons for each outcome of the task and specify CONDITIONS between tasks - "if a manager approves payment, then proceed to task A; if a manager rejects payment, then proceed to task B".

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