Automate, manage, and track your process results

Create your business processes in the system, launch them, and monitor their progress and results.

If you have at least one recurrent business process, this system is for you.

Automate your work in minutes and hours instead of days and months without any programming skills.

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You don’t need to be a business process implementation expert to boost your team’s productivity



Register your assignees in Workflowsoft and use out-of-the-box business processes to make work transparent and track results.



Draw them in Visual Editor, add assignees, and compare results with your conventional approach to work.



Track productivity ratings and manage employees' workloads.


Easy-to-understand rules with zero stress

Make your business processes transparent, systemized, and manageable. Try our preset workflows and use them in your daily operations.

Approve agreements, accept and handle incoming requests, hire employees, approve vacations, publish press releases, prepare and approve budgets, and manage procurement in automated mode.


Transparent visualization and reporting

You no longer need to guess how your assignments are implemented. Use the visualization tools and create reports to track the overall state of your business processes, get stats on specific tasks, and monitor performance indicators.


Cloud-based enterprise business system

Workflowsoft offers a unified and secure collaboration environment. All task-related data are available for both remote and office employees at any time from any device.

Over 350 customers, including large financial organizations, airlines, insurance, logistics, e-commerce, industrial, technology, and other companies, use our system. Workflowsoft is reliable and secure.


Work on the go at any time

Workflowsoft is always available from anywhere. Launch processes and track task progress at any time from any device in our iOS and Android apps. Flexible pricing plans also help you add any number of users you need.


We’ll help you get things started

Our professional technical support service will help you configure and launch your first automated business process. It’s 100% free and really quick.

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Our customers

In modern business, it’s very difficult to set up effective processes and control their execution without resorting to task management services. We use Workflowsoft to manage the IT department. Before making our final choice, we tried many different solutions, including the biggest names in the market, but none was as easy and enjoyable to work with as Workflowsoft! It’s got everything you need and nothing you don't! Thanks for the superb product!

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Mikhail Gratskov
IT Director, Valuement Russia

The nature of our business is such that many employees work remotely across the country. Workflowsoft gives us control over employee activity, and lets us deliver new tasks and instructions to them in real time. The highly intuitive interface is great. All our employees easily got to grips with it. Everything you need is there, but at the same time it’s not overloaded with masses of extra functions. I’d recommend Workflowsoft to colleagues and partners any day.

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Victoria Zemlyanskaya
Executive Director, Strategy. Effective Financial Solutions Lab LLC

We wanted to systematize the creation of advertising materials, while supervising the activity of teleworking employees. After trying several solutions, we eventually settled on Workflowsoft. Its usability won us over. It took employees less than one hour to get the hang of the solution and start using it.

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Sergey Kharchenko

Our company uses Workflowsoft to manage production tasks. Because our production facilities are a long way from our office, we had minor issues with tracking readiness and setting tasks for company employees. Workflowsoft has become an integral part of our company’s operation. Now employees come to work with a clear understanding of what they’ve done and what needs doing. Meanwhile, the office can clearly see if a product or service is ready without having to spend time contacting the production units. As a result, the process has become more automated and transparent, and everyone knows when products are ready.

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Dmitry Sychev
General Director, Reklameik LLC

We use Workflowsoft for communication between sales and production. Everyone mastered it really quickly. As a manager, I can easily control all tasks assigned to developers. The key plus point for me is the simple interface, that’s why we opted for Workflowsoft.

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Pavel Cherkasov,
Director, Connect Internet Development Studio