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What are tags

WorkFlowSoft tags can be used to assign an unlimited number of categories to a process or task to facilitate further searching and sorting of information. For example, tasks can be divided into four categories by adding tags to them: Urgent+Important, Urgent+Not important, Important+Not urgent, Not urgent+Not important.

To ensure full-fledged and proper operation, create the public tags that are required in the organization. In addition, all employees can create personal tags that are visible only to them.

You can search for tags by name on the tags page, as well as filter them by the following criteria:

  • Existing tasks / No tasks
  • Personal / Public

The number of tasks associated with a tag is shown next to its name. Clicking this number displays the task list to which this tag is attached.

The most frequently used tags are added to WorkFlowSoft by default: Important, Urgent, Not important, Not urgent, Discuss with colleagues.