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Task roles and confidentiality

For the sake of confidentiality, only direct participants can view a task: Creator, Assignee, Inspector, Followers. Their managers can also view the task (managers have the same permissions as their subordinates). The system is based on this principle. Therefore, if other employees created tasks (or subtasks) and did not add you to the participants, you cannot open such tasks or subtasks.

The following participants are always in every task:

  • CREATOR—can add, change, or delete any information in the task, including creating subtasks, adding/deleting Followers, and deleting the entire task. Available to the Creator are the action buttons Cancel task (always) and Revise (in the completed task this button sends the task to the Assignee for fine-tuning).
  • ASSIGNEE—can attach files to the task without creating a comment, add comments, delete files they have attached, create subtasks, add/delete Followers, and delegate the task to another Assignee. The action button Completed is available to the Assignee.

Tasks can also include the following participants:

  • INSPECTOR—can change the same information as the Assignee, but cannot delegate the task to another Assignee. While the task is being executed, no action buttons are visible to the Inspector. When the Assignee has executed the task, if there is an Inspector assigned to it, the task progresses to the check stage. At this point, the Inspector sees two action buttons: Confirm completion (the button completes the task) and Ask for revision (the button returns the task to the Assignee for fine-tuning). The Ask for revision button is also available to the Inspector in the completed task (the button sends the task to the Assignee for fine-tuning).
  • FOLLOWER—sees all the information in the task and can leave comments. No action buttons are available to Followers. They can exclude themselves from the participants in the task, but cannot add other Followers—this is to keep the information confidential.
  • EXTERNAL USERS—can view only tasks to which they have been added. External users cannot see the Org chart and the list of employees. To add an external user (for example, a client, supplier, or partner) to a task, go to the Settings menu (in the top-right corner of the screen in your profile), and in the Employees section click the Create external user button, fill out the mandatory fields in the card that opens, in particular the email address, and click the Create external user button.
  • CONNECTING ROLES—an employee simultaneously performing several roles, for example, Creator and Inspector, receives permissions for both roles, i.e. he/she can modify the information as either Creator or Inspector, and all action buttons for each role are available.