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How to create a task

Use any convenient method:

  1. Click Create task above the task list, and enter the task name; the task is created automatically and assigned to you. Later, if required, you can enter a description of the task, add tags (attributes for sorting), specify the task due date and start date (if required), change the Assignee, and add Followers and an Inspector.
  2. Click the icon of any employee, and in the employee card that opens click the Assign task button; this employee is immediately listed in the task Assignees, and it remains only to fill out the task name.

The task information can be modified during the work process. All changes are logged in the Task history.

Changes to the task are saved automatically; there is no need to click any additional “save” button. Saving is automatic and permanent. This is especially useful for working on tablets and smartphones, when it is not always possible to click or tap extra buttons.