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How to add a new process and create a workflow

Go to the Process editor tab in the menu on the top and click Add new process.

Enter the name of the process and specify the Assignee. You can also enter the process description, add tags (attributes for sorting), and Followers. The information is saved automatically.

You can add additional fields for your colleagues to enter information that you need. To do so, click Add field and select the type: Text, Number, Date and time, Employee, etc. You can also mark as mandatory the fields without which the process cannot be executed.

Choose a name for the processes that will be started from your workflow. By default, all running processes will have the same name. If you want running processes to have different names, select another option — an existing text field or a combination of the name and a text field. For example, you create an Order business card workflow — in it you create an Employee name text field, and then select a combination of the name + the Employee name field. The name of the running process will then look something like “Order business card John Smith.”

To add tasks to your process, click Edit workflow. The workflow graphics editor opens. Here you can create new tasks and add links between them. You can also set conditions for these links.

Your colleagues do not have to start the process in the program itself; they too can send a message to a special address and the process will start automatically. To do so, when editing the process card, select the Start processes from emails check box at the bottom, and specify the email address for starting the process when an email is sent to it. Also specify the text field that will contain the email body.

You can set the process visibility — for yourself, for your business unit, or for the entire organization. To do so, when editing the process card in the top-left corner, click on the current visibility (by default, Visible to me), then select one of the options from the drop-down list:

  1. Visible to me
  2. Visible to my business unit — the process is visible to all employees of your business unit. Your colleagues are now able to start processes based on your workflow — simply ask them to go to the Main tab in the menu on the top, and click the ►Process button, then click on the name of your process.
  3. Visible to everyone — if you are the manager of the business unit, you can make the process visible to the entire organization so that the whole organization can see and make use of it.

Your colleagues will be able to fill out the fields when starting the process, but will not be able to change the workflow - the tasks inside the process or the order of their execution. The workflow can only be changed by its creator or his manager. To change a workflow that you created, go to the Process editor tab in the menu on the top and click on the name of your process.