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Starting a process from an email message

To start a process, you can send an email to the required address — the process will start automatically. The email address to which the message needs to be sent can be found in the process card in the “three dots” menu at the top-right.

When the process is started, all information from the sent message is saved and used:

  • the message subject becomes the name of the process
  • the message body goes in the text field
  • receivers of a copy of the message become Followers
  • files are attached to the process, if any were in the message

To make it work, the Creator of the workflow needs to specify an email address to which messages can be sent and a text field for the message body — to do so, go to the Process editor tab in the menu on the top and click on the name of your process. At the bottom of the process card, select the Start processes from emails check box, and specify the email address that you wish to use.