Automation. Order. Profit

When top managers assess corporate profitability, they compare two figures: production costs and gross revenue. But even profit growth does not always mean an enterprise is operating efficiently.

Automation. Order. Profit


Increasing profitability is an ongoing task, and when you develop your profit growth action plan, make sure to include in the list such fields as increasing market coverage, improving product quality or increasing the diversity of services, as well as improving workplace productivity, which strongly depends on the rational use of corporate resources, working hours, and employee efforts.


Another important point is focusing attention on reducing or completely eliminating costs not directly related to your business. For example, outsourcing can be a successful solution: launching internet campaigns and running a blog via a marketing agency can be cheaper than maintaining an in-house promotion team.


When you decrease product costs and increase sales volume at the same time, you make your company more competitive and flexible. Then when the time comes, you can drop prices without harming your business—and probably even stimulate its further development. Want to control profit growth? Manage your business carefully and keep tabs on it. As a manager, you shouldn’t have any “blind spots” in your processes.


Maximum workplace productivity can significantly reduce business costs. You should do everything possible to build an environment where you and your colleagues can work quicker, more cohesively, and without the red tape.

Managing costs and their efficiency, comparing constant and variable costs, implementing versatile management approaches and tracking workplace productivity—process management systems facilitate all these processes and more. For example, Workflowsoft, a system designed for managers and entire teams alike.


With Workflowsoft, all your business processes are in a single system, and users create the workflows they need on their own. It is up to the managers to decide who will be assigned a specific execution or approval stage. Every process has an understandable scenario, and the sequence of approvals is automated. No need to remember a million implementation details for each process!


Email messages, notes, conversations, post-it notes—in many companies, employees are used to receiving work-related notifications verbally or by email. That is why they often forget about their tasks, and the workflow suffers. Automating workflows helps you concentrate on each specific work stage, and simplifies the procedure in general. Workflowsoft features a visual dashboard where you can see all your processes, reports, and statistics. Your communication will no longer rely on email messages!


By using automation tools in your business, you can understand which tasks require the most time to complete, or at which stage work “freezes up” most often. Track the status of each specific process and get a clear understanding of your overall business standing, including how many requests have been fulfilled, approved or declined, how much time has been spent on each task, and more. So much food for thought! This is a real must-have for any line manager.

Download automatic reports in a few clicks to track the status of each specific task and its approval stages. With these valuable insights, you can dedicate more time to streamlining workflows and discussing new strategies.

Smart workflow automation eventually drives customer satisfaction, which is what every company strives for. Workflowsoft makes your business more profitable.


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Automation. Order. Profit
When top managers assess corporate profitability, they compare two figures: production costs and gross revenue. But even profit growth does not always mean an enterprise is operating efficiently.
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