Your company in Workflowsoft

Your company in Workflowsoft


Like in any other process management system, the first thing you need to do in Workflowsoft is create the users who will participate in processes. Of course, you can also create the entire organizational chart with all business units and their managers.

Everything is super simple: go to Settings and select the Employees tab, where you can create an Employee or External user.

Just like the name says, external users are freelancers or employees from other companies ready to interact with you via Workflowsoft. They have the most limited visibility in the system, and can only open the tasks they are assigned to (the employee list and organizational chart are unavailable to them). This is very convenient: you register them as external users from the very beginning, and they won’t be able to see any information not intended for their eyes.

So we create an employee, fill in several mandatory fields, and ta da! The employee has been created!

Your company in Workflowsoft

Next we create some business units (this is how they are called in the system; they are also known as divisions, departments, etc.). To do this, go to the Organizational Chart tab and you will see the “Organizational chart doesn’t have business units” text, click Change and then Create business unit. Now you will create the top-level business unit you will mostly like call your organization name. Then click Create business unit and add other business units there. You can create units within units to reflect even the most complex hierarchy.

All business units have managers, which are assigned by default if they are the only employees in the business unit. Managers have crowns in the employee lists.

The main privilege of a manager is having the same task access and modification rights as their subordinates. This principle underlies the Workflowsoft access right rules.

Why do you need employees and business units? The obvious answer is they visualize the organizational chart. But there is also another benefit: it is very useful when the system knows who every employee is reporting to. When you design a business process, it is very simple to assign the task to the workflow starter’s manager or make them follow the task.

Tasks can be sorted by business units: to see all the tasks of the employees of a particular business unit, just select the business unit in the Assignee field in the Filters menu. Here you can select whether to display the tasks of this unit only, or the tasks of this unit and its subunits:

  • Tasks of a single business unit is a handy option for the manager of this business unit, as they can see and manage the tasks of their immediate subordinates
  • Tasks of all subunits helps company directors get an overview of all corporate tasks and use the reports to assess the performance of each business unit quickly.

Your company in Workflowsoft

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Your company in Workflowsoft

Like in any other process management system, the first thing you need to do in Workflowsoft is create the users who will participate in processes. Of course, you can also create the entire organizational chart with all business units and their managers.

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