Running Starts

Time really flies: it might feel like “startup” became the new buzzword just yesterday, but in reality, it’s already been about ten years since we started using it. Working in a startup, founding your own startup, selling your startup, it all seems so… cool, promising, amazing, and smart. But what’s up with startups today?

Running Starts


The world keeps changing and progressing, and that means there will never be a lack of startup ideas. However, while at the start of the 3rd millennium people were eager to assert themselves, create something new, and introduce breakthrough innovations to inspire each of us individually and society as a whole (this trend was especially obvious in IT), now the buzz is gone.

Young entrepreneurs were quick to share the idea that doing something new and promoting something new are different things. The same person can rarely succeed at both inventing and selling. It is also far from easy to build an efficient team. Some people say that the most important and difficult thing is taking the first step. However, it’s a fact of life that starting is not as hard as keeping the ball rolling. Unfortunately, when some people realize this they don’t just postpone, but give up on their startup ideas, and the IT industry is no exception.


It’s giants that shape our world. Google, Amazon, and Facebook are the kings of the hill, but who will dare to try and take their throne? Isn’t it simpler to just join time-proven teams and enjoy stability instead of trying to hack your way through the jungle, where it’s easier to stray from the path than make money?


Business consultants know that a business can be built even without initial capital. Indeed, you don’t need deep pockets to start a business. However, initial investments are inevitable, mostly in the form of time. You should be ready to go without profits for one or two years, even though you still need to earn a living. Many startuppers spend years at their day jobs while developing their own business on holidays, weekends, and evenings. They scrimp and save on entertainment, clothes, accommodations, and even food. They never have a guarantee that tomorrow will be any better than today. Instead, they stick to the hope that the ends will justify the means, and even possible bankruptcy doesn’t frighten them as much as the thought that their idea might never come to life.


More and more young specialists are choosing the classic success scenario: stable work in a corporation, an apartment in the city, and a house by the sea. Fewer people are driven to shoot for the stars and work for it, at least according to the results of surveys among the young population all over the world. But have we really become numb to the endless range of opportunities? Not exactly. Yes, the younger generation wants stability, but it’s based on what the world revolves around today: sincere interest.

Whether you work in a large company or open your own business, remember that the way your operations are organized impact your personal productivity and the effectiveness of your team. Automation will help you solve daily tasks. So ask yourself: are you taking full advantage of what it has to offer? Technologies that make our lives simpler and more convenient should be applied in routine processes.


The Workflowsoft business process management system helps properly organize the flow of routine tasks and distribute them among employees. The Workflowsoft’s interface is simple as can be, so no one gets confused. Workflowsoft facilitates and accelerates communications between people. No need to bug your colleagues in person or with endless emails. Just create a request, and the assignee will find out about the new task even if they are out of office. Workflowsoft is optimized for mobile devices as well.

The system is priced modestly and has a broad range of applications. If you decide to start your own company, let Workflowsoft-powered automation help you accelerate it. Focus on your main tasks and forget about routine stress!

Check out how our successful customers, some of them called itself a startup not long ago, use Workflowsoft:

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Running Starts
Time really flies: it might feel like “startup” became the new buzzword just yesterday, but in reality, it’s already been about ten years since we started using it.
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