Workflowsoft Notifies

Workflowsoft Notifies


In any workflow management system (or in any collaboration system in general), participants need to receive notifications on events they’re involved in. The request assignee should be notified about the work they need to do, and the request creator should know when the request is complete.


WorkFlowsSoft has a notification system as well. The most obvious and convenient way to see them is to read your Notifications feed. To open the feed, click the envelope icon in the top right corner.

You can browse all messages, or select only the ones that interest you among the 20+ types of messages on various changes—just click the envelope and select Change filter. If you don’t want to receive a specific type of message, untick it. Put the ticks against the types of messages you would like to receive.

Workflowsoft Notifies

When you open an unread message, it becomes “read”. You can mark all messages as “read” in just one click on a small envelope in the top left corner of the message window. You can also delete all the messages you don’t need one by one or all at once by clicking the small recycle bin in the top left corner.


The notifications feed is fine for reading all your messages and will probably be your main productivity tool. But if you are working in another application at the moment, it would be even more convenient for you to see urgent messages without needing to open Workflowsoft.

Our online notifications take care of this issue. You will see them in the browser regardless of whether you have Workflowsoft opened or not. For example, when someone assigns a task to you, you will receive a notification on a new task if you have a browser open.

Online notifications are supported by the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge. When you receive a notification for the first time, your browser will ask for permission to display Workflowsoft notifications.


This is probably the most archaic and inconvenient method of receiving notifications, but it works fine if you still haven’t gotten used to your notifications feed or online notifications.

In the Email notifications section of the Settings menu (your profile in the upper right screen), you can configure the notifications you will receive by email. In the Other settings section, you can also set the best time for your morning notifications.

Email notifications are not sent for all events: this is done intentionally to avoid making the number of emails too large. But in any event, we recommend you always use the notifications feed because it is much more convenient and simple for daily work.

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Workflowsoft Notifies

In any workflow management system (or in any collaboration system in general), participants need to receive notifications on events they’re involved in. The request assignee should be notified about the work they need to do, and the request creator should know when the request is complete.

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