What is a Workflow?

What is a Workflow?

Every aspect of your business, from sales to production and shipping to customer follow up are workflows. All of these individual workflows combine to support your brand and create your company’s reputation in the marketplace.

We are all familiar with Murphy’s Law. That is because unanticipated events and problems are inevitable. Minimizing these variables and being prepared for the unavoidable challenge can mean the difference between profit and bust.

The workflows in your business exist whether you acknowledge and manage them or not. A workflow that merely exists without consideration is an unforced error that leaks profits daily. For instance, the customer’s initial contact with sales is a crucial workflow, and your company’s success in this regard leans heavily on a consistent and transparent workflow.

If there is no established process with checkpoints and accountability, your sales will likely be insufficient and your sales staff frustrated. Careful monitoring of this workflow and accurate information for your client will result in a smooth, consistent sales process and a satisfied, loyal customer.

By carefully tracking and adjusting your workflow process as indicated, your operation will run much more efficiently. This result delivers higher profitability, less downtime, reduced resource and labor costs, a more satisfied workforce, and most vitally, happier customers.

The more accurately and closely you can monitor each workflow, the leaner and more efficiently your business will function. This level of information can allow you to identify bottlenecks and misplaced priorities, to name just two significant benefits. With each step in your process under continuous scrutiny, your profits will increase with a much more efficient operation.

By now, you are probably considering the many workflows within your business. And, you are likely to feel a bit overwhelmed by the amount of data and interactions required to track each workflow accurately.

Accomplishing this feat manually is time-consuming, inefficient, and subject to imminent human error. Fortunately, we live in the digital age, and information management is much easier and more robust than in the past.

Ideally, every process in each department will be closely tracked and evaluated. Key employees like supervisors and department heads should oversee workflows within their responsibility. A critical best practice is to entrust your key players with the tools and responsibility for a continuously successful workflow.

Empowering your teams creates a cohesive workplace atmosphere focused on team success and, therefore, that of the entire enterprise. With each workflow clearly defined and having an established process monitored and evaluated by relevant associates, you and your executive team will have complete and accurate information to assess performance, profitability, and new products or markets.


A workflow is each step in the process of producing and delivering your product or service. Every piece of information or material requires a workflow to get from point A to point B. Having an established process in place keeps everything moving and allows you to easily monitor the progress and profitability of your operation at any given moment.

Workflowsoft puts this power at your fingertips, enabling employees to more fully engage with company goals and operations.

Learn more about Workflowsoft and how it can benefit your operations here. Take advantage of our free trial and discover the wealth of information it will provide. And, if you are unsure about where to start, Workflowsoft offers professional technical support that will help you configure and launch your initial automated process.

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What is a Workflow?

Every aspect of your business, from sales to production and shipping to customer follow up are workflows. All of these individual workflows combine to support your brand and create your company’s reputation in the marketplace.

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