Serious business, serious profit!

Serious business, serious profit!

Inc. magazine published a report with an eye-catching ranking of which industries were the highest grossing for American companies in 2017.

Healthcare and medicine came in at the very top. Companies in the healthcare industry generated $36.3 billion in the U.S. (data from 380 companies). The most rapidly developing and prospective segment was female reproductive health.

Companies specializing in finance and financial services took second place. Consumer goods and services ranked third. The transportation and logistics industry came in fourth with a revenue of $12.6 billion. B2B products and services showed almost the same numbers ($12.6 billion) at fifth place. Sixth, seventh, and eighth place were taken by construction, public services, and the real estate industry. The retail industry finished ninth, and the security industry closed the list with a revenue of $7.7 billion.


The magazine reached out to several thousand American companies to create its ranking.

Do their leaders have anything in common? According to the publication, yes, they do.

First and foremost, they have an “inner strength” that acts as their driving force. They are always ready to go the extra mile and don’t strive to simply “maintain the course.” Secondly, they do not take their mistakes personally, and they are not fond of reflection or self-criticism. They typically have a very healthy self-esteem. Thirdly, they are open-minded and have a wide breadth of knowledge drawn from a multitude of sources. They always try to keep their ear to the ground, especially when it comes to technology.


Companies that earn more than their competitors are always more automated. Their business processes are well-designed and take less time to execute, they make less operational errors, their clients have to wait less, and the list goes on.

Maybe you don’t run a fully automated plant or a hospital with robotic staff, but you can always start automation of your business with the little things—organizing daily office tasks. Solutions like Workflowsoft make it a lot simpler than you’d think, and in just a month you’ll already be seeing results.

Workflowsoft is a system for managing and streamlining business processes. Managers and employees can create processes consisting of many stages/tasks, link them and add conditions, assign employees, and set due dates. An intuitive graphic editor lets users browse and edit the entire process, and calendars provide an overview of task distribution by day, week, and month to help better manage workloads.

The system also supports mobile devices with apps for Android and iOS, as well as works with any mobile browser. Plus the mobile apps support online notifications, so your colleagues know whenever a new workflow starts and can get to work promptly.

Revenue growth practices encompass a number of initiatives, one of which is the simplification and automation of routine procedures. There’s no doubt about it: workflow acceleration leads to major reductions in man hours. Try it for yourself!

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Serious business, serious profit!

Healthcare and medicine came in at the very top. Companies in the healthcare industry generated $36.3 billion in the U.S. (data from 380 companies).

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