How Automation Affects your Employees: Three Important Facts

How Automation Affects your Employees: Three Important Facts

Being engaged in your job and gaining satisfaction from it are not directly linked to salary or position. For instance, a janitor might be happier than a department director, and we can’t help but envy the former. Have you ever seen anyone complaining they’re sick of their job, struggling to find a reason to get up in the morning and treating what they used to love like it’s forced labor? If you work in an office, the answer is probably yes.

A little insight into some of the secrets of human psychology can help you and your subordinates feel a surge of enthusiasm for their work. And the key word is automation.

Workflowsoft is a comprehensive process management system used by hundreds of businesses. It enables the rapid acceleration of business processes and reduction of time spent on routine tasks alike, and has a positive influence on the company in general.

Fact No.1. Employees are more productive when they feel like they’re part of a team, understand how the results of their colleagues’ performance is linked to their own success, and feel they have a positive influence on the work of their colleagues.

Workflowsoft can help your company automate a wide range of processes. Every task will have a specific employee responsible for the result. Colleagues will be able to track workflow progress and understand that it’s impossible to take the next step until the previous one is complete. When your team understands how the work of one employee influences everyone else, they become more productive. No one wants to be the one slowing down the whole process! Remember the relay races you played at school: every player needed to perform their task as fast and good as possible to pass the torch to the next member. As a result, people no longer understand their daily duties as a sequence of specific actions not related to the lives of others. They feel that their work matters and it makes them happier.

Fact No.2. Many professions lack the tools to clearly assess the work and achievements of employees, and when there is no visible progress, people start to subconsciously underestimate their performance.

Keeping a diary is no longer a thing of the past. In the last 15 years, diaries and productivity charts have been experiencing a real revival. People are writing about all sorts of things, including their state of mind, eating habits, spending, exercise, and more. The goal is usually personal, so they strive to track their progress, increase quality of life and improve performance.

Workflowsoft is in its own way a diary as well. The system has built-in reports that show the number of completed tasks and the employees responsible for them. Every employee can view the list of tasks they completed, and managers can use them to set KPIs for their teams. Workflowsoft can also be considered a staff performance assessment tool, where data can be acquired for specific employees, business units, or the entire company. There are many available types of infographics: tables, pie charts, or bar charts.

Fact No.3. A transparent organizational structure increases employee satisfaction. When you clearly understand who you report to, who is in charge of what, and what you have a direct influence on, your whole life gets clearer and less stressful. The problem is that in some companies there is nowhere to grasp the hierarchical structure. Meanwhile, it’s always changing, often unpredictably!

Workflowsoft lets you create а corporate organizational chart which can be edited and filled with more information about employees as your business grows. To browse the structure of your company, open the Settings menu and select the Organizational Chart section, which displays the tree-based hierarchy of your company’s business units. Here you can also browse employee cards distributed by divisions.

Forget about ambiguity and delays. Measurable, streamlined, and transparent processes are in Workflowsoft’s DNA. Enjoy your work!

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How Automation Affects your Employees: Three Important Facts

Being engaged in your job and gaining satisfaction from it are not directly linked to salary or position. For instance, a janitor might be happier than a department director, and we can’t help but envy the former.

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